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Live stream today at 15:00 German time, 16:00 Irish time.

Watch live from:

I am speaking at Interactive Future Exhibition 2020 held by the students of the Interactive Media Design course (@imd) at the Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

#IFExhibition #SmallTech #SmallWeb #SiteJS

If you missed the talk (I almost did – thanks, timezones 🤦) you can watch the recording on the same page:

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Great talk, thanks for that! Question: (linux sysadmin) 

@aral Running your own VPS of course gives you a lot more control but also some more responsibility. How do you, for example, keep your VPS patched (updated)? Configuring so called 'unattended upgrades' and proper handling of failing upgrades (email notifications?) is something that is not entirely trivial to configure yet very important, especially when using the VPS as a communications hub.


Question: (linux sysadmin) 


Maybe I am already thinking too far ahead but I can imagine this being a hurdle down the line. SaaS (think S3/Netlify for example) solves this very neatly. In the spirit of small tech: we obviously don't want to use those.

Have you thought about this? Do you think this should be something that sitejs facilitates somehow?

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