@myconidiosyncrasy Bet if you left it up to a woman she'd use the wrong type of glue HAW HAW HAW *shoulder slapping intensifies*

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Today's gender is the sound of contented purring.

@popstar what the actual fuck lol 😂 😂 😂 wasn't the entire point of their existence freezepeach?

@InvaderXan Ah, yes, exactly what someone really good at having imposter syndrome would say.

@InvaderXan I had to look up the thing and according to KYM what you said is almost exactly the post that caused that image to spread 😂

> On August 23rd, 2017, Tumblr user Mindfulwrath[2] posted a text post which read:

> honestly “i’ll do whatever you want” “then perish” is the single most powerful exchange possible in the english language and it’s from some bizarre “hewwo” obama rp

@hierarchon also for future reference what is the preferred "it" form of "sir"?

@hierarchon getting some readings on the fellowkids detector but nothing above threshold value

@coffe Why would you use PGP for that? You can already post a fully integrated "moving account" notice that people can use to find your new account.

@porsupah @InvaderXan The reason for her ability to "whirr" at will despite her silent actuators is a collection of speakers distributed around her body. A legacy feature that allows her generation of models and the previous one to emulate the sounds of generations past.

Because some humans distrust robots on a deeply emotional level, and the monotone voice and whirrs and clicks of pseudo-servos and -relays help assuage that discomfort.

@jimpjorps yeah so this really could do with a "mark as sensitive content" considering the way the thumbnail is cut off...

@bogperson420 sometimes I reword things back to someone who said a thing just to ask them to confirm whether my understanding matches the intended meaning

@infernusgoatus That is *prize-winning* garbage-fed hog to you, thank you very much.

@InvaderXan "Listen, I know how this is supposed to go. The knight gets past the dragon, rescues the princess and they're supposed to–"

"–get married and everything, yeah," the knight finished. "It feels clichéed to me too."

"But you just had to try it out didn't you? Where did you even get the armor?"

The dragon lifted the helmet, beaming. "I made it myself! Apparently there's this thing called 'cosplaying' and it just looked so interesting!"


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