Actual email I just received after placing an online order (placeholders used to avoid doxxing myself &/| advertising this company/product):

YES! We’re so excited to welcome you to our cosy tribe of $PRODUCT lovers, $NAME!

The moment we saw you placed your order we literally rang our office bell and started chanting your name.

Seriously, the office went wild. The marketing team slapped each other high-fives. Alice from accounting sprinted up and down the aisle clapping. And even James from HR smiled - and James never smiles. (...unless he’s with a $PRODUCT of course!)


All that just to show you that we’re excited for you we’re glad you’re with us. 😊

And we plan on providing you with even more awesome things.

Stay up to date with us by marking us as important in your inbox so you never miss an update!

You’ll actually get one soon regarding your order, so be on the lookout!

Thank you again and have an awesome day!

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