chai recipe 

for a single serving:

- boil 3/4 cup of water in a small pot
- once it starts boiling add one cardomom (pop it open), one crushed or grated knuckle of ginger, one stick of cinnamon (optional... i only do this sometimes), one star of anais, and last, a serving of black tea or just one whole tea bag.
- let this simmer for a couple minutes on a medium heat.
- add 2 tablespoons of milk and bring to a boil for a min (optional)
- strain!

and that’s how we’ve always made chai at home.

chai recipe 

everyone makes their chai differently. it depends on the region. my dads family make very milky chai whereas my moms family makes chai with a literal drop of milk. everyone adds some spice that works for them. it’s a pretty versatile drink.

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chai recipe 

@mo My version:

* Put full fat milk in pan. Oat milk is a great vegan option and doesn't burn like cow's milk.
* Add a few tea/tablespoons of masala tincture (stuff a jar with whatever spices you like and top up with 40% vodka, tumble daily for 2-3 weeks, strain) depending on how strong the tincture is/how much chai you're making.
* Bring mix to a simmer, alcohol will boil off before then.
* Take off heat, add black tea.
* Steep for a few mins.
* Strain.
* Add honey/sugar to taste.


chai recipe 

@mo Definitely team "more creamy is more better". It's almost a hot chocolate kind of drink the way I make it 😅 Just with spices instead of chocolate.

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