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Optical Illusions 

There are no yellow pixels in this image.

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Chopsticks? Baguettes.
Drumsticks? Baguettes.
Magic wand? Baguette.
Orchestra conductor’s baton? Baguette.
Divining rod? Baguette.
Incense? Baguette.
Cane? Baguette.
Rectangular gemstone? Baguette.
Legs? Baguettes.
Authoritarianism? Leading with a baguette.

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it's so depressing how cringe every new detail about 2077 is due to being made by a room of racist anti lgbtq white dudes lmao

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open source e-reader in a world full of amazon-controlled e-readers seems like a good move

What do you call an underwhelming leftist? 


"In a situation like this when we confront something unfair or unethical, we must persist because ethics is priceless."

- my landlord praising me over talking the repair company out of charging him for a repair they didn't do.

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install my super trustworthy tool by copying this code in your terminal:

curl -s http://legit.​i/swear | sh

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Newer version of the 6-colour pride flag with a 5-colour chevron on the left side, including trans colours and POC colours. I like this version.

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Had to ddg an (unrelated) word and look at what urbandictionary gave me 😂

"gratefully working for top level folks"

that boot must be pushing its way down the large intestine by now

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generic federated cybersecurity reminder 

Reminder that the entire point of federated networks is that they fire messages around to untrusted servers that you don't control.

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I love with my limited time on this rock

that i do something like this because I'm annoyed about it

anyways, here's this

white text on black background looking ass

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Please report harassment to your admins by reporting suspicious posts/accounts with shady links when you see them. Don't click links from people on here who seem new and don't have many posts.

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Now that antifa is a terrorist organization, will the CIA fund it?

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Internet Archive is asking folks to upload their protest footage. But the guy doing so has also made their policy clear when asked.

“When anything goes on the archive it is instantly downloadable to the world. That's baked into the ethic and that's what we are.” -his tweet

That means no warrant needed. Independent white supremacist groups can get it too.

This is an incredibly irresponsible ask/policy. Only put up something you would hand-deliver to your local cops. So. I mean. Don’t.

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